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Notion Prompt Bank - Free Notion AI Prompt Organizer Template

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with scattered AI prompts across different platforms?

Ever since I discovered AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney, it’s been an exciting journey. I’ve integrated them into my everyday business operations, helping me cut my working hours by a whopping 50% in 2023, and delivering even more than before!

In 2022, I worked over 2000+ hours, but in 2023, I only had to work around 1200 hours. All thanks to AI.

But, as I ventured further, I found managing all the awesome and useful prompts, including the new ones I created or found, quite a challenge.

So, I decided to create a system within Notion to gather all my prompts in one spot, complete with ratings, categories for grouping, tags for easy search, dates, and statuses. And voila! That’s how Prompt Bank was born. After a few months of using and testing it, I’m now ready to share it with you, and guess what? It’s absolutely FREE!

And, that’s not all! I’m already working on the v2, so stay tuned for more goodness.

Plus, I’ve put together Prompt X Finity, a dedicated space where I create and share the best prompt kits for ChatGPT, Midjourney, and more to help you even more!

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the Prompt Bank. Enjoy and let your creativity soar!

Key Benefits (Outcomes) of Notion Prompt Bank

Boost Productivity

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through multiple platforms. With our template, access all your prompts with just a few clicks.

Enhanced Organization

Keep your creative process streamlined and efficient by categorizing prompts based on platform, status, rating, and more.

Improved Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with your team members or fellow writers by sharing prompts and exchanging feedback within the template.

Notion Prompt Bank - Free Notion AI Prompt Organizer Template

Have you ever struggled to keep track of your creative inspirations and ideas?

Introducing the “Prompt Bank Notion Template” – your all-in-one solution to streamline and organize your AI prompts effortlessly.

What's Inside (Features)

Recent Prompts

Stay up-to-date with a summary of your most recent prompts or activities right on the dashboard.

Quick Actions

Perform tasks efficiently with quick links to important sections and actions within the template.

Prompt Repository

Store and categorize all your AI prompts in a centralized repository, making it easy to find and manage them.

Grouped by Status

Track the status of your prompts with a Kanban-style board, categorizing them as active, archived, pending, and more.


Access helpful resources and guides to optimize your prompt generation process and enhance creativity.


Get a bird’s-eye view of your prompt repository, including categorized prompts, grouped by platform and status.

Prompts by Platform

Organize prompts based on the platform they were generated from, facilitating easy access and reference.

Sort by Rating

Evaluate the quality of your prompts with a rating system, helping you prioritize and focus on high-quality ideas.

Ready to take your prompt organization to the next level?

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the “Prompt Bank Notion Template” today! Get started now and unleash your creativity like never before.


Enjoy ❤️

Frequently asked questions

I'm having trouble organizing my AI prompts. Can Prompt Bank help?

Absolutely! Prompt Bank is designed as a comprehensive tool for storing, organizing, and managing AI prompts effectively. It provides a centralized repository for all your prompts, with features for categorization, rating, and status tracking.

Can Prompt Bank help me collaborate with others on AI prompts?

Yes, one of the features of Prompt Bank is its collaboration space. You can share prompts with others, exchange feedback, and even work on prompts collectively.

I'm new to using AI prompts. Does Prompt Bank provide any guides or tutorials?

Indeed, Prompt Bank includes onboarding materials for new users, tutorials on using features effectively, and best practices for organizing and managing AI prompts.

Can I customize Prompt Bank to suit my specific needs and workflows?

Yes, Prompt Bank allows for customization of fields and properties based on user preferences. It also includes templates for different types of prompts to suit various needs.

I'm concerned about data loss. Does Prompt Bank have any backup features?

While Notion, the platform for the Prompt Bank template, does not natively support regular backups, users can manually export their data to prevent loss. Also, Notion has access controls to ensure data privacy and security, and a version history to track changes and revert if necessary.

How can I track my progress with AI prompts in Prompt Bank?

Prompt Bank includes progress tracking features like a Kanban board for organizing prompts by status, a calendar view for scheduling prompts, and to-do lists for managing tasks related to prompts.

I'm looking for resources to improve my AI prompts. Does Prompt Bank provide any?

Yes, Prompt Bank includes links to relevant resources for generating prompts and reference materials for improving prompt quality.

Can I use Prompt Bank to analyze the effectiveness of my AI prompts?

Yes, Prompt Bank includes a section for reviewing and analyzing generated responses and recording insights, critiques, or improvements.

How can Prompt Bank help me with my creative process?

Prompt Bank can enhance your creative process by providing a structured and organized space for storing and managing your AI prompts. It also provides resources and guides to help improve the quality of your prompts.

Can I integrate Prompt Bank with other tools or platforms I use for my workflows?

Yes, Prompt Bank can be integrated with external tools or platforms for a seamless workflow.

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