Free Notion Project Management

Elevate Your Projects, Simplify Your Success!

Free Notion Project Management

Key Benefits of Notion Project Management

Do you find yourself juggling multiple projects, struggling to keep track of tasks, deadlines, and team collaboration? Have you ever wished for a solution that simplifies project management and boosts your productivity? If so, look no further! Our Project Management Notion Template is the answer to your project management woes.


Our template streamlines your project management process, reducing the time spent on admin work and increasing your overall efficiency.


With project statuses, deadlines, and tasks all in one place, you’ll have a clear picture of your project landscape.


Stay focused on what needs to be done today with the “Today Views,” and watch your productivity soar.

Team Collaboration

Improve collaboration with your team, share files, and assign tasks, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Free Notion Project Management

What's Inside (Features)

Project Sections

Categorize projects as “Done,” “Not Started,” or “In Progress,” and instantly see the number of remaining tasks.


Get a comprehensive overview of your project timelines to understand dependencies, milestones, and project schedules.

Tasks Section

Manage tasks efficiently with “Today Views” for daily tasks, “Table View” for structured organization, and “Kanban View” for visualizing workflows. “By Project View” allows you to group tasks by project.

Ready to take control of your projects, boost your productivity, and simplify your project management?

Don’t let your projects overwhelm you any longer. Try our Project Management Notion Template today and experience the difference for yourself. Take the first step towards organized, efficient project management now! Your projects deserve the best, and so do you. Get started today.


Enjoy ❤️

Project Management Made Painless.

Seamlessly organize and monitor all your projects in one central hub.

Easily visualize project timelines to manage deadlines and dependencies efficiently.

Stay on top of tasks with today's views, task tables, and intuitive Kanban boards.

Collaborate with your team, attach files, and set task priorities for smoother teamwork.

Frequently asked questions

What is the "Notion Project Management" template?

The “Notion Project Management” template is a ready-to-use project management solution designed to help individuals and teams efficiently manage and organize their projects, tasks, deadlines, and collaborations.

Is this template suitable for personal or team use?

It’s versatile and can be used for both personal project management and team collaboration. You can adapt it to your specific needs.

What are the key benefits of using this template?

This template offers benefits such as improved efficiency, enhanced clarity about project status, increased productivity through “Today Views,” and better team collaboration.

What features are included in the template?

The template includes project sections for categorization, task management with various views (Today Views, Table View, Kanban View), and a timeline feature to visualize project schedules and dependencies.

Can I customize this template for my unique projects?

Absolutely! Notion allows for easy customization. You can tailor this template to fit the specific requirements of your projects.

How do I get started with this template?

Getting started is easy. Simply open the template in Notion, and you can begin adding your projects, tasks, and deadlines. The template is designed to be user-friendly.

Is this template free to use?

Yes, the “Notion Project Management” template is available for free. You can use it without any cost.

Can I use this template on both desktop and mobile devices?

Yes, you can access and use this template on both desktop and mobile versions of Notion, making it convenient for remote and on-the-go work.

Is there a tutorial or guide available to help me make the most of this template?

While the template is designed to be intuitive, you can find helpful tutorials and guides on Notion’s official website to maximize its use.

How can I share this template with my team or collaborators?

You can share the template by inviting team members or collaborators to your Notion workspace. They can access and work on projects collaboratively through shared access.

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